$10 JCHL E-Track Spare Tire Holder Mount for X-Track Tie Down Anchor Automotive Exterior Accessories Max 49% OFF JCHL E-Track Spare Tire Holder Mount for Anchor Down Tie X-Track Holder,X-Track,E-Track,Anchor,JCHL,/insalubrity45589.html,for,Tire,Down,Mount,Spare,$10,ivograficas.com,Automotive , Exterior Accessories,Tie $10 JCHL E-Track Spare Tire Holder Mount for X-Track Tie Down Anchor Automotive Exterior Accessories Holder,X-Track,E-Track,Anchor,JCHL,/insalubrity45589.html,for,Tire,Down,Mount,Spare,$10,ivograficas.com,Automotive , Exterior Accessories,Tie Max 49% OFF JCHL E-Track Spare Tire Holder Mount for Anchor Down Tie X-Track

Max 49% OFF JCHL Philadelphia Mall E-Track Spare Tire Holder Mount for Anchor Down Tie X-Track

JCHL E-Track Spare Tire Holder Mount for X-Track Tie Down Anchor


JCHL E-Track Spare Tire Holder Mount for X-Track Tie Down Anchor

Product description


Spare Tire Holder for E-Track and X-Track Systems
This spare tire holder for E-track and X-track lets you mount your spare tire up and off
the floor in your enclosed trailer. Holds most automobile, trailer, and ATVtires. Can
also be used with floor-mounted tracks.

Product Features:
1. The Spare Tire Holder lets you store your spare tire up and off the floor of your enclosed trailer
2. Can also be used with floor-mounted tracks to prevent tire from sliding
3. holds most automobile, trailer, and ATV tires Easy installation - just
snapspring-loaded fitting into E-track or X-track anchor points
4. Simple to use - just slide spare tire onto post and secure with included nut
5. Durable steel construction with Black coating is corrosion resistant

Package Included: 
1x Black E-Track Spare Tire Trailer Mount

JCHL E-Track Spare Tire Holder Mount for X-Track Tie Down Anchor

Photo © Nox Photography/Stocksy

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