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Hopkins 42225 Plug-In Animer and price revision Simple price Kit Vehicle Wiring

Hopkins 42225 Plug-In Simple Vehicle Wiring Kit


Hopkins 42225 Plug-In Simple Vehicle Wiring Kit

Product description

Product Description

As the number one brand in towing electrical products, Hopkins Towing Solutions has provided consumers with innovation, durability, and performance for over twenty years. With Hopkins' T-Connectors, you won't have to cut into your vehicle's wiring system. This is quicker and easier than cutting and splicing and will keep the integrity of your vehicle's wiring system intact.

From the Manufacturer


  • No cutting, splicing or taping
  • Easy do-it-yourself, includes everything needed to complete installation to a 4-wire flat trailer connector
  • Weatherproof SAE Design
  • 2-Piece Modular System - 4-wire flat can be replaced if damaged - no need to replace entire unit

Hopkins 42225 Plug-In Simple Vehicle Wiring Kit



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