Arkon 4 Hole AMPS Pattern Japan's largest assortment Heavy Duty i Pedestal 10 Mounting with Arkon 4 Hole AMPS Pattern Japan's largest assortment Heavy Duty i Pedestal 10 Mounting with Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,Pattern,Pedestal,i,Hole,Heavy,/comicocratic45212.html,$32,AMPS,Arkon,,Duty,with,4,Mounting,10 Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,Pattern,Pedestal,i,Hole,Heavy,/comicocratic45212.html,$32,AMPS,Arkon,,Duty,with,4,Mounting,10 $32 Arkon 4 Hole AMPS Pattern Heavy Duty Mounting Pedestal with 10 i Cell Phones Accessories Accessories $32 Arkon 4 Hole AMPS Pattern Heavy Duty Mounting Pedestal with 10 i Cell Phones Accessories Accessories

Arkon 4 Hole AMPS Pattern Japan's largest assortment Heavy Duty i High quality new Pedestal 10 Mounting with

Arkon 4 Hole AMPS Pattern Heavy Duty Mounting Pedestal with 10 i


Arkon 4 Hole AMPS Pattern Heavy Duty Mounting Pedestal with 10 i

Product description

Product Packaging:Standard Packaging

The HD005-AMPS mounting pedestal can be used as a replacement, upgrade, or as an addition to an existing pedestal. It is compatible with devices having a 4-Hole AMPS pattern, including vehicle-specific mounts (VSMs), cameras, GPS devices, audio/video receivers, or satellite radios including Sirius S50, Sirius XM Onyx Plus, XM Onyx EZ, Sirius XM Lynx, Stratus 7, Dock amp; Play, and Sirius Dock amp; Play (sold separately). This mounting pedestal is also ideal for mobile radio holders, housings, and other devices used by public safety, construction, and utility applications. Formerly an industry standard, the 4-Hole AMPS pattern consists of four holes located in a rectangular pattern spaced at 30.17mm by 38.05mm (measured as the center-to-center distance between holes). This mount includes Arkon’s Heavy-Duty Aluminum Mounting Pedestal with 10” Adjustable Arm and 4-Hole Drill Base featuring a 4-Hole AMPS Head. The 4-hole drill base mount is made of strong aluminum, and is ideal for environments where a more permanent solution is desirable, such as in a workshop or in retail. Screws are included. Bend the 10” adjustable arm and rotate the swivel ball adapter head for 360° rotation for exact positioning of the device.

Arkon 4 Hole AMPS Pattern Heavy Duty Mounting Pedestal with 10 i


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