Wildkin Kids Canvas Sling Bookshelf for New products, world's highest quality popular! Girls and D Wooden Boys Wildkin,Boys,/raffinase517954.html,Wooden,Kids,D,ivograficas.com,Bookshelf,Home Kitchen , Furniture,$29,Girls,,Sling,Canvas,for,and $29 Wildkin Kids Canvas Sling Bookshelf for Boys and Girls, Wooden D Home Kitchen Furniture $29 Wildkin Kids Canvas Sling Bookshelf for Boys and Girls, Wooden D Home Kitchen Furniture Wildkin Kids Canvas Sling Bookshelf for New products, world's highest quality popular! Girls and D Wooden Boys Wildkin,Boys,/raffinase517954.html,Wooden,Kids,D,ivograficas.com,Bookshelf,Home Kitchen , Furniture,$29,Girls,,Sling,Canvas,for,and

Wildkin Kids Canvas Sling Bookshelf for New products Surprise price world's highest quality popular Girls and D Wooden Boys

Wildkin Kids Canvas Sling Bookshelf for Boys and Girls, Wooden D


Wildkin Kids Canvas Sling Bookshelf for Boys and Girls, Wooden D

Product description

Color:Natural W/ Tan

Add wildkin’s sling bookshelf to any room to help children of all ages maintain and organize items in their play space. The convenient and easy design make the sling bookshelf The perfect gift for young readers in your life. Measuring 25 x 24 x 11", wildkin’s sling bookshelf is small enough to fit anywhere in your home, yet large enough to house all your favorite books, magazines, paintings, and more. Each sling bookshelf is made from ultra-durable melamine faced chipboard and MDF board, complete with metal poles. High-quality polyester fabric shelves make the sling bookshelf The perfect solution for avoiding book damage, while helping children to easily identify and access their favorite items. Its quick, simple assembly makes it easy to switch things up If you need to move your bookshelf to a different room. The timeless design of wildkin’s sling bookshelf makes it an ideal choice for organizing more than just books. This piece can be a home for anything from books and magazines to paintings and writings. Spot clean as needed with a non-bleach wipe. 90-Day manufacturer's warranty against defects - normal wear-and-tear, and misuse excluded. Rigorously tested to ensure that all parts are lead-safe, BPA-free, phthalate-free, and conform to all rules and regulations set forth by the Consumer products safety Commission.

Wildkin Kids Canvas Sling Bookshelf for Boys and Girls, Wooden D

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