Cell4less All items free shipping Back Glass Replacement Kit for 11 iPhone ~ Ba The Rear Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,$11,~,Back,ivograficas.com,Rear,Glass,Replacement,iPhone,for,Cell4less,11,The,Kit,Ba,/interpole4336.html $11 Cell4less Back Glass Replacement Kit for The iPhone 11 ~ Rear Ba Cell Phones Accessories Accessories Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,$11,~,Back,ivograficas.com,Rear,Glass,Replacement,iPhone,for,Cell4less,11,The,Kit,Ba,/interpole4336.html Cell4less All items free shipping Back Glass Replacement Kit for 11 iPhone ~ Ba The Rear $11 Cell4less Back Glass Replacement Kit for The iPhone 11 ~ Rear Ba Cell Phones Accessories Accessories

supreme Cell4less All items free shipping Back Glass Replacement Kit for 11 iPhone ~ Ba The Rear

Cell4less Back Glass Replacement Kit for The iPhone 11 ~ Rear Ba


Cell4less Back Glass Replacement Kit for The iPhone 11 ~ Rear Ba

Product description


Product: iPhone 11 back glass replacement kit
A- Compatible with all carriers for the iPhone 11
B- Pre-Installed Adhesive
C- OEM quality and fit for the perfect restoration
What is in the package?
1- A brand new OEM quality GLASS back glass to fit your phone perfectly 1x ( aftermarket)
2- Specialty removal tool 1x
3- Custom wood box designed to protect your glass from our door to yours
4- Video instructions ( we provide some basic video instructions for most models but we advise you do some research before starting)

A- Yes this is a real glass. No it is not plastic
B- Any phone repair should be completed by a professional, we highly recommend that all iPhone back glass repairs be done using the specialty laser machine for best results.
C- If you decide to do this repair yourself then please turn off your phone and put down a cloth or protect your screen in some manner. Small glass pieces will scratch the screen causing damage. We personally like to cover the whole screen in painters tape
D- When using the heat gun to heat up the back of the glass, be careful to not keep it in one place for too long, this will cause damage to internal parts.
E- We are not responsible for DIY errors and will not be held responsible for phone replacement if you break your phone. We always recommend you consult with a phone repair specialist before doing any repairs.

Cell4less Back Glass Replacement Kit for The iPhone 11 ~ Rear Ba

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