28810P4R003 28810-P4R-003 OFFer Auto Trans Pick Up Main Sensor for Hon $19 28810P4R003 28810-P4R-003 Auto Trans Pick Up Main Sensor for Hon Automotive Replacement Parts $19 28810P4R003 28810-P4R-003 Auto Trans Pick Up Main Sensor for Hon Automotive Replacement Parts Up,$19,for,28810-P4R-003,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/insalubrity3689.html,Hon,Trans,ivograficas.com,Sensor,Main,Auto,Pick,28810P4R003 Up,$19,for,28810-P4R-003,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/insalubrity3689.html,Hon,Trans,ivograficas.com,Sensor,Main,Auto,Pick,28810P4R003 28810P4R003 28810-P4R-003 OFFer Auto Trans Pick Up Main Sensor for Hon

28810P4R003 28810-P4R-003 Ranking TOP6 OFFer Auto Trans Pick Up Main Sensor for Hon

28810P4R003 28810-P4R-003 Auto Trans Pick Up Main Sensor for Hon


28810P4R003 28810-P4R-003 Auto Trans Pick Up Main Sensor for Hon

Product description

OEM: 28810-P4R-003 , 28810P4R003 ,5S5436 , 28810-P4R-003 , SC240 SU6705 , 1802-300348 , SN7173

For ACURA EL (1997 - 2005)
For ACURA INTEGRA (2000 - 2001)
For HONDA CIVIC (1996 - 2005)
For HONDA CR-V (1997 - 2001)

1) Always wear eye protection and start with installation tools.
2) Searching related installation video on the internet will be recommended.
3) Please check your car years, modle, OEM and make sure the products iscomfortablefor your car before your purchase.
4) If your not sure or don't know, please contact us. Provide us with the VIN#,YEAR,MAKE, MODEL of your vehicle and we will double check and verify fitment for you.

Package list:

28810P4R003 28810-P4R-003 Auto Trans Pick Up Main Sensor for Hon

Photo © Nox Photography/Stocksy

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