CCW Plastic New arrival Chain Safety Barrier Whi Crowd Control Lightweight $28 CCW Plastic Chain Safety Barrier, Lightweight, Crowd Control Whi Industrial Scientific Occupational Health Safety Pro $28,CCW,,Industrial Scientific , Occupational Health Safety Pro,Control,Safety,Whi,Chain,Plastic,Barrier,,Crowd,Lightweight,,/hieroglyphize293380.html $28 CCW Plastic Chain Safety Barrier, Lightweight, Crowd Control Whi Industrial Scientific Occupational Health Safety Pro CCW Plastic New arrival Chain Safety Barrier Whi Crowd Control Lightweight $28,CCW,,Industrial Scientific , Occupational Health Safety Pro,Control,Safety,Whi,Chain,Plastic,Barrier,,Crowd,Lightweight,,/hieroglyphize293380.html

CCW Plastic New arrival Chain Virginia Beach Mall Safety Barrier Whi Crowd Control Lightweight

CCW Plastic Chain Safety Barrier, Lightweight, Crowd Control Whi


CCW Plastic Chain Safety Barrier, Lightweight, Crowd Control Whi


Product Description


  • Our 2.0" Plastic Chain is made from UV-protected polyethylene plastic to prevent colors from fading for five years. This chain is used best with our plastic stanchions and rubber base delineators.
  • Use for a wide variety of settings including - school zones - parking lots - amusement parks - car shows - festivals.
  • We can custom cut your chain to any desired length so you can bring your creativity to life!


colors of chains with names A+.jpg


MATERIAL: Polyethylene Plastic
CHAIN SIZES: 5', 10', 25', 50', 100', 125', 200' and 500'.
COLORS: Black, Blue, Black/Yellow, Dark Green, Safety Green, Safety Orange, Gold, Magenta, Orange, Silver, Magenta/Yellow, Purple, Green, White, Yellow, and Red
CHAIN LINK SIZE: 2" each link
chain link length is 2"


chain link length is 2"

CCW Chain + Plastic Stanchion.jpg

delineator and chain A+ for chain A+.jpg


chain cut scissors

ADJUSTABLE - When needing to adjust the length of the chain, simply use adequate tools to adjust the length. This is a cost-effective way to section off parameters, pathways, concerts, restaurants, and all other public settings!

CCW Plastic Chain Safety Barrier, Lightweight, Crowd Control Whi



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