Toys Games , Party Supplies,Foil,Foil,Star,50,/hieroglyphize293280.html,,Inch,AnnoDeel,Star,Bal,Balloons,,pcs,Silver,10,$7 Toys Games , Party Supplies,Foil,Foil,Star,50,/hieroglyphize293280.html,,Inch,AnnoDeel,Star,Bal,Balloons,,pcs,Silver,10,$7 $7 AnnoDeel 50 pcs 10 Inch Star Foil Balloons, Silver Star Foil Bal Toys Games Party Supplies AnnoDeel Popular brand in the world 50 pcs 10 Inch Silver Foil Star Balloons Bal $7 AnnoDeel 50 pcs 10 Inch Star Foil Balloons, Silver Star Foil Bal Toys Games Party Supplies AnnoDeel Popular brand in the world 50 pcs 10 Inch Silver Foil Star Balloons Bal

AnnoDeel Popular brand in the world 50 pcs 10 Inch Silver Foil OFFer Star Balloons Bal

AnnoDeel 50 pcs 10 Inch Star Foil Balloons, Silver Star Foil Bal


AnnoDeel 50 pcs 10 Inch Star Foil Balloons, Silver Star Foil Bal

Product description

Package:50 pcs 10inch silver star balloons.
Small Balloons, These are can't float up when you full with helium,because there are weight,you can stick in wall .
Material is aluminum film, color uniform, spherical beautiful.
Great for wedding parties, birthday parties, and many other parties and festival occasions.
Application: suitable for all needs balloons place. Special wedding, celebration, holiday, birthday, party activities.

AnnoDeel 50 pcs 10 Inch Star Foil Balloons, Silver Star Foil Bal



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