$9 Padfolio Portfolio Leather Binder, Interview Legal Document Orga Office Products Office School Supplies Padfolio Portfolio Leather Binder Document Orga cheap Interview Legal $9 Padfolio Portfolio Leather Binder, Interview Legal Document Orga Office Products Office School Supplies Padfolio Portfolio Leather Binder Document Orga cheap Interview Legal Leather,$9,/hewettite517351.html,Portfolio,Binder,,Office Products , Office School Supplies,ivograficas.com,Legal,Padfolio,Interview,Orga,Document Leather,$9,/hewettite517351.html,Portfolio,Binder,,Office Products , Office School Supplies,ivograficas.com,Legal,Padfolio,Interview,Orga,Document

Padfolio Portfolio Translated Leather Binder Document Orga cheap Interview Legal

Padfolio Portfolio Leather Binder, Interview Legal Document Orga


Padfolio Portfolio Leather Binder, Interview Legal Document Orga

Product description

Product Description
This is the all in one high capacity and functional portfolio binder with a note pad and a pen holder provides modern design, our team has come up this idea to fit all the essentials for interview, meeting, and presentations in one binder. You can print copies of your resume or your own portfolio in our deep document pockets for interviews, or you can put your catalog, flyers, or a business cards if you are an outside sales. It’s a the one and only portfolio fits everybody.
Our portfolio features in the following
-Stay organized by putting your letters, envelopes, loose pages, documents, IDS, business card all in one place
-Handy notes, with a memo pad provided, you can write/view notes, or use as a personal calendar
-Pen loop is included so you do not need to look for a pen, and would always have an access to a pen and paper
-Lastly, it gives a nice stylish and professional looking

Product Size: 9.75 x 12.5 x 0.75 (in)
Product Feature: Easy to recognize, anti-resistance and durable

Package Includes:
1 x Padfolio Leather Binder

What are you waiting for? Pacific Mailer comes with 18 months warranty. Try it or we will refund back if not satisfied.

Padfolio Portfolio Leather Binder, Interview Legal Document Orga

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