BOSCH Sacramento Mall Bare-Tool PLH181B 18-Volt Planer Lithium-Ion Cordless BOSCH Sacramento Mall Bare-Tool PLH181B 18-Volt Planer Lithium-Ion Cordless $139,18-Volt,PLH181B,,Planer,Bare-Tool,Lithium-Ion,BOSCH,Cordless,/grisaille293169.html,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools $139 BOSCH Bare-Tool PLH181B 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Planer Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $139,18-Volt,PLH181B,,Planer,Bare-Tool,Lithium-Ion,BOSCH,Cordless,/grisaille293169.html,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools $139 BOSCH Bare-Tool PLH181B 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Planer Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

BOSCH Sacramento Import Mall Bare-Tool PLH181B 18-Volt Planer Lithium-Ion Cordless

BOSCH Bare-Tool PLH181B 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Planer


BOSCH Bare-Tool PLH181B 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Planer

Product description


The BOSCH line of countersinks are great for deburring and chamfering openings to pre-drilled holes. Great for electrical, plumbing and HVAC contractors. BOSCH countersinks cut varied materials cleanly and accurately. With standard high-speed steel and super hard titanium-coated bits, these countersinks perform great in even the toughest materials.

From the manufacturer

Bosch Bare-Tool PLH181B 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Planer

The Bosch PLH181 planer is great for fast stock removal and leaves a smooth finish. This planer is ideal for trimming doors, and because it is cordless, it eliminates the possibility of running out of cord in the middle of a planing pass. The electronically counterbalanced single-blade system automatically positions the blade at the ideal cutting angle, and it eliminates uneven planing caused by misaligned blades. The planer comes with a guide fence that can be mounted to either side of the tool.

The Bosch line of cordless tools uses the industry's most advanced Lithium-Ion technology for greater battery life and more run time, all in a lighter package.

About Us

The Bosch Group is supplier of technology. The Bosch Group comprises Robert Bosch GmbH and its more than 350 subsidiaries and regional companies in more than 60 countries.

Robert Bosch Tool Corporation in North America was formed in January 2003 when Robert Bosch GmbH combined its North American power tool and power tool accessory divisions into one organization.

Bosch celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2011.

BOSCH Bare-Tool PLH181B 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Planer

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We have reimagined vintage petticoats

Focus on Feathers and Flowers

Focus on Re-inventing Vintage

Focus on Summer Blooms

Focus on Heads Held High

Whether you are planning your wedding, going to the races, updating your wardrobe, sprucing up your home we want to inspire you to discover your own craft, create an individual style and do it with fashion and flair. See V V Inspire for our latest ideas.

We know it's still tricky to visit London, so why not use our sampling service or contact us at [email protected] - and finally a little thankyou from us for all your support during this past year. See or hear from you soon, V V xxx

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