Conductor,Primary,10,per,100',Pico,8130S,$102,/comicocratic293312.html,2,P,Gauge,Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,Jacketed,Wire, $102 Pico 8130S 10 Gauge Jacketed 2 Conductor Primary Wire 100' per P Tools Home Improvement Electrical $102 Pico 8130S 10 Gauge Jacketed 2 Conductor Primary Wire 100' per P Tools Home Improvement Electrical Pico 8130S 10 Japan Maker New Gauge Jacketed 2 P Primary 100' per Wire Conductor Conductor,Primary,10,per,100',Pico,8130S,$102,/comicocratic293312.html,2,P,Gauge,Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,Jacketed,Wire, Pico 8130S 10 Japan Maker New Gauge Jacketed 2 P Primary 100' per Wire Conductor

Super sale Pico 8130S 10 Japan Maker New Gauge Jacketed 2 P Primary 100' per Wire Conductor

Pico 8130S 10 Gauge Jacketed 2 Conductor Primary Wire 100' per P


Pico 8130S 10 Gauge Jacketed 2 Conductor Primary Wire 100' per P

Product description

Two "PVC" insulated primary wires covered with a tough grey polyvinyl outer sheath. Recommended where 2 circuits must withstand extreme abrasion or are exposed to adverse weather conditions. Ideal for ungrounded circuits.

Pico 8130S 10 Gauge Jacketed 2 Conductor Primary Wire 100' per P


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