Push Rod Max 69% OFF Tubes Threaded Adjustable with Compatible 8 D Pieces /butternut3888.html,8,Adjustable,,ivograficas.com,Pieces,,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Rod,Threaded,$64,with,Tubes,,Push,Compatible,D $64 Push Rod Tubes, Threaded Adjustable, 8 Pieces, Compatible with D Automotive Replacement Parts $64 Push Rod Tubes, Threaded Adjustable, 8 Pieces, Compatible with D Automotive Replacement Parts /butternut3888.html,8,Adjustable,,ivograficas.com,Pieces,,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Rod,Threaded,$64,with,Tubes,,Push,Compatible,D Push Rod Max 69% OFF Tubes Threaded Adjustable with Compatible 8 D Pieces

Push Rod Max 69% OFF Tubes Threaded Adjustable with Clearance SALE! Limited time! Compatible 8 D Pieces

Push Rod Tubes, Threaded Adjustable, 8 Pieces, Compatible with D


Push Rod Tubes, Threaded Adjustable, 8 Pieces, Compatible with D

Product description

Change damaged or leaking push rod tubes in minutes without removing the engine or heads. Great for emergency repairs or permanent installation. The center o-ring seal stops oil leaks. Made from heavy duty aluminum for strength and anodized for good looks. Fits 1200-1600cc. DOES NOT INCLUDE SEALS Material: Aluminum Type: Threaded Quantity: 8 PiecesPush Rod Tubes Threaded Adjustable 8 Pieces

Push Rod Tubes, Threaded Adjustable, 8 Pieces, Compatible with D

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