$46 Bolaxin Chrome Silver Front Grille Grill Mesh Grille Insert Kit Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories Insert,Grille,Grill,/butternut293188.html,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,Chrome,ivograficas.com,Kit,Bolaxin,Mesh,$46,Grille,Silver,Front Bolaxin Chrome Silver Front Grille Kit Max 60% OFF Insert Grill Mesh $46 Bolaxin Chrome Silver Front Grille Grill Mesh Grille Insert Kit Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories Insert,Grille,Grill,/butternut293188.html,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,Chrome,ivograficas.com,Kit,Bolaxin,Mesh,$46,Grille,Silver,Front Bolaxin Chrome Silver Front Grille Kit Max 60% OFF Insert Grill Mesh

Bolaxin Chrome Silver Front Grille Kit Max 60% Washington Mall OFF Insert Grill Mesh

Bolaxin Chrome Silver Front Grille Grill Mesh Grille Insert Kit


Bolaxin Chrome Silver Front Grille Grill Mesh Grille Insert Kit

Product description

Please verify parts fit your vehicle before you order it
Compatible For Jeep Patriot 2011-2017

1.Front Mesh Grill Cover
Color: Chrome
Material: Durable ABS plastic with Chrome Finished
Position: Front Grille
Dimension (each piece): 28.5*10.5*2.1cm/11.2*4.1*0.8inch
Fitment: Compatible for Jeep Patriot 2011-2014

Aftermarket high quality headlight trim kit
Fit and protect the front grille very well
Perfectly fits your front grille, enhance a stylish and exclusive look
Corrosion resistant, rust-resistant and fadeproof
Easy installation with self-adhesive 3M tape

2.Headlight Cover
Color: Chrome
Material: ABS Plastic with Chrome Finished
Position: headlight lamp (Left amp; Right Side)

Aftermarket high quality headlight trim covers
Easy and quick installation,the 3M adhesive tape is attached
Give your vehicle a "muscle" or aggressive look in a few minutes
Fit the original car perfectly
Corrosion resistant and rust-resistant

Before installation, keep the surface clean and dry

Package Included:
1: Set of 7PCS Front Grille Trims
2: pair of headlight trim covers

Bolaxin Chrome Silver Front Grille Grill Mesh Grille Insert Kit

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