with,Hello,Red,$0,Red,Packets,ivograficas.com,Kitty,/bedabble518106.html,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Ho,4,Envelopes,,Designs,Chinese $0 Chinese Red Envelopes, Hello Kitty Red Packets with 4 Designs Ho Office Products Office School Supplies $0 Chinese Red Envelopes, Hello Kitty Red Packets with 4 Designs Ho Office Products Office School Supplies with,Hello,Red,$0,Red,Packets,ivograficas.com,Kitty,/bedabble518106.html,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Ho,4,Envelopes,,Designs,Chinese Chinese Red Envelopes Hello Kitty Designs Max 50% OFF Packets 4 with Ho Chinese Red Envelopes Hello Kitty Designs Max 50% OFF Packets 4 with Ho

Chinese Red Envelopes Hello Kitty Designs Max 50% OFF Mesa Mall Packets 4 with Ho

Chinese Red Envelopes, Hello Kitty Red Packets with 4 Designs Ho


Chinese Red Envelopes, Hello Kitty Red Packets with 4 Designs Ho

Product description

❤Please accept our sincere wishes for you and yours for 2021 happy New Year!

Each red Chinese envelopes, each Hello Kitty hongbao features lucky red and festive gold color with blessing words, will bring blessings, good luck, health and wealth to the person who receive or give them. Each red packet has gift-quality.

Made of special flocking paper thin but more toughness
All our hello kitty red envelope has Anti-counterfeiting sign

Chinese Red Envelopes Hongbao Red Packet Base Information
Material: Pearl Paper
Size:3.56in x 6.5in
Package: 20 x Chinese Red Envelopes with 4 different designs

Red Envelopes Packet Chinese Usage
❥Lucky money during Chinese Lunar New Year, Birthday, Wedding, Red Egg, Ginger Parties, Work Beginning, Grand Opening, etc.
❥Decorations to décor peach blossom, potted plant, garland, etc.
❥Put Salary with a best wishes

Why do choose our red envelopes Chinese lucky money packet
❥Professionalism - JmGo specializes in producing high-quality red envelopes Chinese for 5 years
❥Quality - JmGo strict quality control process for each red packet.

Warm Tips of our red envelopes Chinese lucky money packet
❥Due to the different monitors with a different painting, there may a slight color difference exist.
❥If you have any question about the Chinese Red Envelopes, please contact us for further information.

Chinese Red Envelopes, Hello Kitty Red Packets with 4 Designs Ho

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