5W 9V Mini Electric Guitar Compact Blue Portable Al sold out. Amplifier $12 5W 9V Mini Electric Guitar Amplifier, Mini Portable Compact Blue Musical Instruments Amplifiers Effects Portable,Guitar,Mini,ivograficas.com,9V,Mini,Compact,5W,Musical Instruments , Amplifiers Effects,$12,Electric,Amplifier,,/bedabble517706.html,Blue Portable,Guitar,Mini,ivograficas.com,9V,Mini,Compact,5W,Musical Instruments , Amplifiers Effects,$12,Electric,Amplifier,,/bedabble517706.html,Blue $12 5W 9V Mini Electric Guitar Amplifier, Mini Portable Compact Blue Musical Instruments Amplifiers Effects 5W 9V Mini Electric Guitar Compact Blue Portable Al sold out. Amplifier

5W 9V Mini Electric Guitar Compact Blue Portable Al sold half out. Amplifier

5W 9V Mini Electric Guitar Amplifier, Mini Portable Compact Blue


5W 9V Mini Electric Guitar Amplifier, Mini Portable Compact Blue

Product description

Bluetooth connection, memory card pluggable, distortion adjustment. GUITAR INPUT and HEADPHONE OUTPUT, adopts high-sensitivity dedicated guitar speaker. Can be powered by USB or 9V battery, 5W power amplifier, compact, reliable and durable. Excellent performance amp; elegant design, easy to carry, can hang on the waist. Sound is clear and clean, with excellent sound effects, you can input with an SD card and play music outdoors.
Condition: Brand New
Material: Plastic, Metal
Color: Black
Power: USB, 9V Battery(Excluded)
Input: 6.35mm o Plug, Bluetooth Connection, SD Card
Output: Sound, 3.5mm Headphone Plug
Function: 1.Guitar Input Mode 2.Bluetooth Input Mode 3.SD Card Mode
Size: Approx. 13.5 * 12 * 5 cm / 5.31 * 4.72 * 1.97 in
Weight: Approx. 388 g

Package List:
1 * Speaker
1 * Hand Rope
1 * USB Cable
1 * Manual

5W 9V Mini Electric Guitar Amplifier, Mini Portable Compact Blue

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