$98 Master Tailgaters Replacement for Toyota 4Runner (2014-2015) Bac Electronics Car Vehicle Electronics $98 Master Tailgaters Replacement for Toyota 4Runner (2014-2015) Bac Electronics Car Vehicle Electronics Master Tailgaters Financial sales sale Replacement for Toyota 2014-2015 Bac 4Runner $98,4Runner,Bac,(2014-2015),for,ivograficas.com,Electronics , Car Vehicle Electronics,Master,/Cytinus293234.html,Tailgaters,Toyota,Replacement $98,4Runner,Bac,(2014-2015),for,ivograficas.com,Electronics , Car Vehicle Electronics,Master,/Cytinus293234.html,Tailgaters,Toyota,Replacement Master Tailgaters Financial sales sale Replacement for Toyota 2014-2015 Bac 4Runner

Master Tailgaters Financial sales sale Replacement for Toyota 2014-2015 Max 83% OFF Bac 4Runner

Master Tailgaters Replacement for Toyota 4Runner (2014-2015) Bac


Master Tailgaters Replacement for Toyota 4Runner (2014-2015) Bac

Product description

Master Tailgaters Replacement for Toyota 4Runner Backup Camera (2014-2015) OE Part # 86790-35060

Replaces Model Number: 86790-35060

For use with: Toyota 4Runner (Years 2014-2015)

This is an aftermarket backup camera, not OEM. This camera will plug into your existing wire harness. If your vehicle currently does NOT have a backup camera system, this camera will not work. Double Check your part number prior to ordering.

Before ordering this item:
First, you need to call the Parts Department of your local dealer to find out your exact Part Number.

Double check your Part Number with our part number to confirm.

  • Oftentimes, people buy the wrong camera because they only match the model/year of their car.
  • To avoid this, you just need to compare your part number to this one and make sure they match!

Once you complete steps ONE and TWO, and confirmed a match, you can purchase this camera without having to worry about whether or not it will work for your vehicle!

Camera Specs:

  • Image sensor : 1/3" Sony CCD Chip
  • Signal System : NTSC/PAL
  • Effective Pixel : 728 x 582
  • Minimum Illumination : 0.5 Lux
  • Electronic Shutter : 1/50 to 1/100,000 seconds
  • Resolution : 600 TV lines
  • Angle : 170 Degrees
  • Waterproof Rate : IP68
  • Power : DC 12V
  • Video Cable: 5.5 inches


Master Tailgaters Replacement for Toyota 4Runner (2014-2015) Bac

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